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Welcome to CANED Juice Blends!

At CANED, we believe that Colorful means Healthy! This is why we blend the highest quality ingredients together to give you a magical all natural drink. Green is the color of nature and of our favorite ingredient, Cane Root. Cane Root also popularly known as Sugarcane is a celebrated crop among Indian population and a well known natural electrolyte, a great source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants which makes it a complete superfood.

Our company's mission to bring our Indian heritage to the west and revolutionize Cane Juice among other cultures and increase awareness about its nutritional benefits to all while expanding its accessibility. All of our juice blends are 100% Natural, Non-GMO Verified, No Added Sugar and Fresh Cold-Pressed to contain all the nutrients as present in the raw fruits and vegetables. Our juice blends provide natural hydration and boost the immune function. We enhance the nutritional properties and flavor of Cane Juice by pairing it with healthy fruits and Ayurvedic ingredients.

Restore, Stimulate, Invigorate, Nourish your Body and Mind with our Cold-Pressed juices and your body, wallet, and the climate will adore you for it. We bring the taste and nutrition of natural Cane Juice as a core ingredient blended with the healing power of Ayurvedic herbs and goodness of healthy fruits thereby creating the most delicious, nutrition and fresh tasting juices.

We are a Minority Women Owned brand and are proud partners with the Minority Farms to provide the highest quality cane juices.